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For Body Positivity Monday 

Taken on with a bad camera in icky lighting because I was so excited to get behind this. As of late I’ve really been trying to give my body more love. I’ve struggled with loving it, as so many of us do. I hear so frequently that “real women” have curves, that often I really don’t feel like a real woman.

You can see in the photo here that I’ve got an insulin pump, and that weird thing on my left side under my breast is an IV access port for medications I have to take frequently. Sometimes, positive is the last thing I want to be about those issues, but hey, I’m alive because of those babies, so I’m learning to love how they look, too.

I’m a skinny little thing, kinda sick, too shy to show my face, but darn it, I really think I’m beautiful, I try to remember that.

— This photo, and especially the caption, really touched my heart. Real women are just that, women. Whether we are curvy, thin, short, tall, transgender or anything else. We all deserve love. Especially self love. You are gorgeous, and I am so glad that you have been trying to remind yourself of just how wonderful you truly are. Your body looks very feminine in this shot. Thank you for sharing a bit of your journey with us.
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